We are a music publishing company with two catalogs, Raving Cleric Music and Tripoli Inferno Music.  Both catalogs host a variety of genres of popular music.  Representative songs for both catalogs are on the catalog links above in streaming audio.  The catalogs contain works from many songwriters, and the songs listed are but a fraction of the song copyrights we represent. 

Most of the songs available here are in the form of demonstration recordings made over the past 30+ years.  There are a few masters that were commercially released, some unreleased masters, but most of the demos are just that -- unproduced demos that capture the essence of the songs.

The production techniques applied to the song compositions will often reflect the time period in which the demo was created, particularly in the sounds of musical instruments.  This can distract from the fundamental compositional and lyrical construction of songs if the listener allows him or herself to be distracted by production. 

For example, recordings made in the 1980s have a distinctive sound due to the limitations of the early days of MIDI keyboards, electronic drum kits (Lin Drums, etc.) and drum machines, and various primitive digital effects.  As newer versions become available, we will post them.