About Us

Larry Evans -- that's me -- founded EuroExport Entertainment Corporation quite coincidentally on the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighty-eighth year of the 20th Century.  It did not occur  to him that his company's founding date had been on 8/8/88 until four days later, when he was looking over the newly-minted charter documents and realized what he had done  -- "I'll be damned!"

The story starts a few years earlier, in May of 1985.  Larry, in partnership with the late Peter Butcher, formed an international music licensing service under the EuroExport tradename that marketed master recordings created at Peter's recording studio, Europa Sound Centre, to foreign record companies and music publishers. Larry developed a network of contacts in 42 countries worldwide, many of whom he is still in touch with today. Larry expanded EuroExport's business into music publishing and artist management in 1988 when he formed Raving Cleric Music, Cueball Artist Management, and EuroExport Recording Group (now RCM Recordings)  as additional units of EuroExport. These are the seeds that grew into the complete artist development company that EuroExport Entertainment Corporation is today.

Nick Vance joined EuroExport Entertainment in 2002.  Nick is a seasoned music, film and hotel industry veteran who began his career as tour manager and promoter for Grammy®-Award winning disco group The Trampps (“Disco Inferno”). During the early 1990s, Nick  provided personal and tour management services to two Atlantic Records recording artists, international dance sensations Linear and pop group Nice & Wild, and to recording artists Sweet Sensation. He coordinated production of Vanessa Williams’ 1992 performance at the Grammy® Awards telecast and also provided staging services for Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Billy Joel, Bob Seger, Huey Lewis, Genesis, Madonna and David Bowie among others. 

EuroExport Entertainment has offices in Austin, Texas and suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  For more information, please feel free to contact us: 

Larry Evans, President    larry@euroexportonline.com                                                             Nick Vance, Vice-President     nick@euroexportonline.com

EuroExport Entertainment Corporation                                                                                        EuroExport Entertainment Corporation

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