EuroExport Entertainment Corporation is a music repertoire & artist development company located in Austin, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This amazing thing we call music ignites from a spark of an idea in the human imagination.  Its notes form melody; its rhythms percuss; its chords progress; and it strings words together with other words to form meaning --- music and lyrics or lyrics and music -- that when taken out of the creator's mind  and shared with others in a particularly compelling manner,  sounds nothing short of magic. 

That's what a great song is.  It can be that  particularly malignant earworm that plays over and over and over and over between your ears all day 'til you think you're going out of your mind -- or it can be that poignant piece that suddenly brings you to uncontrollable tears of sadness or joy.  Above all, music is the soundtrack of the memories of each of our human experiences; a few bars can trigger memories of times of our lives long forgotten that suddenly spring into a focus as clear now as if we lived them yesterday.    

Great songs are the script of our passion play, and great artists -- singers, musicians, performers, entertainers -- are the actors -- the passion -- that brings our play to life.

We represent both, as music publishers, artist managers, producers and creative consultants.  We've also been known to represent a screen actor or two.

We are a resource for great songs through Raving Cleric Music & Tripoli Inferno Music .

We also develop & execute career strategies and provide advice to our clients, including agency services in DE, NJ & PA, through Cueball Artist Management. 

We also offer record production services and have a small independent record label, RCM Recordings.

If you are looking for songs to round out an album, or perhaps that elusive career-making 1st single, we have a collection of songs that are worthy of your time and attention, mostly in the rock, pop, folk, and country genres with a bit of urban -- Latin, hip-hop, and R&B thrown in.  We strongly believe in the timelessness of great music -- that great songs are great songs regardless of when people become aware of them.  Irving Berlin wrote a show tune in 1918 that he decided did not fit the show he was writing at that time and stuck it away in his notebooks -- when he got Kate Smith to perform it twenty years later, it instantly became an icon -- "God Bless America."    We have pursued a strategy of acquiring great songs from writers, often bands, who were not commercially successful in their time for one reason or another -- but not because their material was lacking.  So please give our catalogs a listen -- you might find just what you're listening for.

As artist managers, we develop and execute career strategies for our clients, providing a command and control system over their creative enterprises.  If you are seeking representation, please note that we are exceptionally selective in choosing who we work for.  We keep our roster small so that our existing clients get the personal attention they deserve, and will often turn down new accounts to sustain that level of service.  We work best with  those artists who, having established themselves with positive cash-flow, have reached the stage of their careers where taking care of the business side of their career is in conflict with taking care of the creative side.   We provide agency services for certain clients as well.

Please note:  We do not accept submissions of unsolicited material.  That means, don't send us email with your musical tracks attached -- such email and attachments will be deleted, and you will leave us with a very negative impression that you are unable to, or just unwilling to, follow directions.

If you would like for us to audition your music, drop us a line requesting permission to submit material to us. 

Our Website is new and is not yet complete.  We have lots of great content and stories to tell, so come back often!

Thanks for coming by for a visit.  We hope you enjoy your time here.

Larry Evans, President                            Nick Vance, Vice-President